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Best Winter Holiday Hotels in Virginia Beach

Posted by on Dec 9, 2019

Best Winter Holiday Hotels in Virginia Beach

The winter holidays are a lovely time and you want to make sure that you and your family have the best stay possible.  In order to do that you want to make sure that you find the best winter holiday hotel in Virginia Beach.  Here are some tips to helping you pick the right hotel for you and your family.

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Use Yelp or Google +

Yelp and Google + are some of the best ways to find out about businesses in the modern world.  They feature user reviews that can you establish if a hotel is good or not.  Yelp even offers lists custom tailored to your specific search.  For example, you can search for the best holiday hotels.

Are vacancies Available?

One of the first things that you will want to find out is if the hotel has any vacancies.  You can either go through the hotel website, a third party booking site, or you can call the hotel directly.  Calling a hotel directly is typically the best way to get the most up to date information on whether or not the hotel is booked.

Restaurant Open?

If you don’t want to have to leave the hotel on Christmas day or Christmas Eve you want to look into the status of the hotel’s restaurant.  While some hotels will have their kitchen open all the time, not all of them will.  Make sure to call the hotel restaurant directly in order to find out if it will be open.  You never know if you are getting the most accurate information otherwise.

Holiday Decorations

If you want the holiday to be perfect for you and your family you will want to call the hotel and see if they decorate for the holidays.  If a hotel isn’t decorated, you won’t feel the same holiday spirit that you would elsewhere.  Typically, a hotel will only decorate the lobby and possibly the hallways.  If you find one that decorates the rooms, then you know you have found the right place.

Holiday Events

One of the best ways to make your Virginia Beach holiday memorable is to stay at a hotel that has holiday-themed events.  These events can run the gambit and there are always many choices.  Here are some holiday events you might find at a hotel:

  • Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • Christmas Carols
  • Cookie Making
  • Gingerbread House Building
  • Special Mass
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