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T-Shirt Design Ideas For Family

Posted by on Dec 9, 2019

T-Shirt Design Ideas For Family

Family reunions don’t happen all the time but when they do happen, you want to make them special. One of the best ways to do that is by having custom t-shirts for your family. In order to help you get the best shirts, we have a collection of some of the best t-shirt design ideas for family. Keep reading to find out.

Add A Coat Of Arms

Just about every last name has a coat of arms that you can find online or in books. With the help of a good t-shirt service, you can even have a copy of a coat of arms you already have put on a shirt.

Family Jerseys

Having your own family jerseys gives your family a sense of being part of a team. Using a jersey shirt will get you the most authentic design possible. Try a “property of…” or “Team…” design and see how it looks with your family name.

Let Your Nationality Or Heritage Fly

Why not have the family name along with a sign of your nationality or heritage. A flag is a great symbol of your nationality but you could also throw in a traditional symbol for your heritage such as a clover.

Use An Existing Design

There are plenty of products that have family names in them. Campbell’s Soup, Hertz, or Lipton are just three examples of existing brand designs that you could use to show off your family name at a reunion. It also can give you a clever spin to your shirt design.

The Poster Design

The last design that we are going to talk about is the poster design. Take an existing poster and make it into a t-shirt design. Wanted posters are one of the most popular shirt designs out there for families. You could also use a movie poster or political poster. The Obama poster has also been popular.

Make the most out of your family get-togethers and reunions by uniting the clan with a common shirt design. We hope that these t-shirt design ideas have given you some inspiration for your family.

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